The start of Lead with You!

No, my blog is not the antithesis of “It’s Not About You!*” Like that book, the purpose of this blog is also to inspire all individuals who play a leadership role of any kind - a parent, a manager, a community activist, a CXO executive - to lead conscientiously - with mind (thoughtfulness), heart (compassion), and soul (authenticity). 

To lead is to bear responsibility for being a guide to others. We are not necessarily born great managers, parents or leaders - but once in the role, you cannot step in or out of it; you must embrace and embody it. And hence while it’s not about you, it starts with you and your choice about how you show up as a leader.

As a leader, we all make mistakes, wish we had done/said things differently. It’s inherent to the role - plus we are only human. AND because we are human, we have the capacity to learn from mistakes - and successes - both ours and others - and pave new possibilities for ourselves in how, who, what we lead. IF we take the time to invest in ourselves.  

So go ahead - LEAD WITH YOU - and embrace the journey that you create!

*Burg, B. & Mann J.D. (2011). It's Not About You: A little story about what matters most in business.