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Direction must always come before directions otherwise how will people know where they are going?
— Simon Sinek


The question is, what are we busy about?
— Henry David Thoreau

What do you aspire to offer - yourself, your company and your community? What are the values that you want your organization to exude? What is the ethos and culture that you want to have permeate your services and products?

I can help you name and claim those opportunities you want to make your reality.  With this clarity of vision, you'll have more material to work with when you hire that marketing guru or communications strategist - because there’s no use in wrapping a package with nothing in it.

Strategy Development

A vision without a plan is only a hope.
— Yours truly ;-)

So now what? How ARE you going to achieve your desired reality given where you are today? I believe in faith; I believe in luck; but I also believe in being pragmatic.

I can help you and your team chart a roadmap, with big jumps and baby steps, both on paved and unpaved territory. We’ll outline approaches and actionable steps that you can hold yourself and others accountable for.

Organizational Forensics

The right answer to the wrong problem is very difficult to fix.
— Peter Drucker

Despite your best plans and intentions, has something gone awry? Many times we think we know why something isn’t working but as Daniel Boorstin writes, “The greatest obstacle to discovering…(is) not ignorance but the illusion of knowledge.”  

I can offer an objective look into your operations and working norms by conducting a qualitative and quantitative environmental scan. With clarity around what’s working well and what’s not, we can generate a set of viable recommendations to progress forward, and when you are ready, develop a plan and support structure to bring those recommendations into action.