what is consociata?

Behind the name

The name Consociata is derived from the Latin word “consociare”, which means “to associate or unite.” How we select and choose to act upon the different ideas and people that we bring into association with ourselves and others forms the basis of great projects, organizations, companies, and movements.


LEAD WITH YOU. Because you (as a leader) can't create the optimal environment to maximize the best from your teams, unless you are aware of your own strengths and blind spots, and how you influence and impact others.    


My mission is to help organizations leverage their talent to deepen their organizational capacity, not just be resilient to change but to thrive. 

I work with company and organizational leaders who believe that their most valuable competitive advantage is their people talent. These leaders understand they must strive to engage their talent, to be and to contribute, their best. These leaders appreciate that their group's future growth and impact are dependent on the strength and resilience embodied in their people talent.

If you seek to take your organizational leadership skill to the next level, both in yourself and the people around you, I am committed to collaborating with you, your organization, and your people to achieve your - and their - fullest and best operational potential.

Meet Janet Andrews

I am a former management and technology consulting exec who is passionate about coaching leaders in tapping their ability to mobilize teams.

Having led dozens of groups and organizational transformation projects, the lessons of being a leader, observing leaders, and learning about leadership have been a core theme throughout my 20+ year career.

I know first-hand that aligning and mobilizing a group of people around a North Star is difficult work, regardless of industry sector or subject matter domain. Throughout my own journey, I have come to appreciate that the foundations of and need for effective leadership are ubiquitous, whether in times of steady growth, rapid change or need for upheaval.

As a coach and consultant, I will encourage you and your organizations to leverage both left and right-brain talents; move towards a comfortable discomfort; be open to dissonance; and connect different dots.

I am committed to the following philosophies:

  • Promoting systemic thinking

  • Being possibility driven

  • Fostering awareness and authenticity

  • Building capacity and resilience for long-term results

Coaching Credentials

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